YMCA Calgary's 2023 Community Impact

YMCA Calgary is dedicated to igniting the potential in others by eliminating obstacles and fostering safe, inclusive spaces where everyone belongs.  This would not be possible without the generous support of our donors, sponsors, volunteers and partners who are dedicated to helping our community shine its brightest.

Through community support, we were able to raise over $4 million dollars to support our community initiatives – from the Alternative Suspension program to Tutoring Table, Adult Financial Assistance to global support of our partners at YMCA Ukraine and YMCA Bogota, and more. 

In 2023, YMCA Calgary invested $8.6 million dollars back into our community to:

  • Remove financial barriers to help 14,700 Calgarians access health and wellness services.
  • Connect 926 Indigenous youth to their culture and community through Indigenous Programs.
  • Assist 802 students in achieving their education goals through Tutoring Table.
  • Provide 631 Calgary families with child care services, serving over 760 children, 45% of which receive subsidy support. 
  • Spark creativity and belonging in over 4,000 people through arts programs and live performances.
  • Provide 227 youth facing financial hardship the experience and joy of summer camp.
  • Help 163 young people develop skills to deal with stress and anxiety through Y Mind.
  • Introduce 400 newcomer youth to community leadership through the Youth Achievement Program.
  • Provide 382 at-risk youth with guidance and support through the Alternative Suspension Program.
  • Engage 5,300 youth with free memberships through the Calgary Flames Grade 6 YMCA Membership.

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Here are some additional highlights from 2023: 

Planet Youth Initiative

Planet Youth is a prevention model, proven to reduce substance use rates amongst young people and positively impact other areas of their lives. Planet Youth is not a program—it’s a new approach to identifying and establishing long-term strategies that promote positive changes to the environment in which youth grow up.  

As one of 10 community agencies onboard and engaged in the Planet Youth initiative, we are proud to collaborate and support the development of a positive environment for youth in our city. 

A Growing Community of YMCA Members

Membership numbers are healthy and are so excited for our branches to be supporting the mind, body and spirit of the community through programs and services. We are proud to be serving 73,120 Calgarians at the YMCA, with over 4 million visits in 2023.

Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge celebrates 5 Years

This beloved center of community has been operational for 5 years as of 2023! Not only is it a beautiful architectural space, but it provides an incredible impact in the health and wellness of Calgarians, serving over 20,000 members.

Thank you to our sponsor, Shane Homes Ltd., for your incredible investment to help make this impact a reality.  

Impact Stories 

As a charitable organization, our impact is greatest when we work together. Here are some of the stories of how your gifts made a difference in the lives of Calgarians in 2023*. Click on the + below to expand the story.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality  

Blake, a 10th-grade student, attended the Alternative Suspension Program in March after being suspended for a physical altercation and disrespectful behavior at school. Identified struggles included conflict resolution, remaining respectful under stress, and consistent attendance. He began to attend workshops focused on conflict management, motivation, impulsivity, anger management, self-esteem, and responsibility. 

Initially resistant, Blake opened up about the incident, attributing it to self-defense due to a derogatory remark. Throughout workshops, he actively participated, realizing alternative conflict resolution methods would be beneficial to him. At the program's end, Blake expressed newfound self-awareness and conflict management skills, setting objectives for improved emotional regulation and overall personal growth. 

In the short-term follow-up, the assistant principal noted significant improvement, with Blake seeking guidance during frustration and effectively articulating his feelings. Conflict resolution skills were evident, and he apologized to the affected student. Guardian feedback highlighted Blake’s positive demeanor, reduced agitation, increased school enthusiasm, and anticipation for an apprentice program.

The three-month follow-up reinforced positive progress, indicating a notable absence of problematic behaviors, improved engagement in academics, and successful conflict resolution in minor incidents. Blake’s transformation reflects sustained positive changes, marked by improved emotional regulation and a commitment to personal growth, evident in his continuous school attendance without further suspensions. 

Anna's transformative journey in YMAP this year has been truly remarkable. Despite initial language challenges in the citywide Community Advocate program, Anna's commitment to learning and community impact was evident. Throughout the year, her English proficiency improved, and she emerged as a group leader, guiding new participants with patience and actively contributing ideas to make the program more fun for others. 

In our community project, focused on kindness boxes for the Calgary Drop-in Center, Anna demonstrated initiative by gathering substantial donations, emphasizing her dedication to projects success. Her proactive approach extended beyond regular YMAP activities, attending various events, including the YMAP camp, where she made friends and engaged in diverse activities. 

As an international student here for one school year, Anna's time in YMAP has been impactful, significantly expanding her skills and experiences during her stay in Canada. Despite her impending return to Japan, YMAP has played a crucial role in her personal and leadership development, leaving an enduring positive mark on her Canadian journey. 

Lead Tutor: Christina Pape  
Site: Brookfield, Seton YMCA 

Mikhail is an 11th grade student from Joane Cardinal High School who applied to the YMCA Tutor Table for support in SC-20.  

He was paired with volunteer tutor, Dwight, a high school senior student who excels in science and wanted to use their acumen to support fellow students by tutoring with the program. It was evident that Mikhail and Dwight worked well together. In the middle of the session, Mikhail shared his excitement that he was finally passing his science class. He also shared his personal fitness goals saying that thanks to a YMCA gym membership, he had lost over 40lbs. What an incredible achievement!  

The YMCA Tutor Table not only helps students achieve their academic goals, but gives them access, through a free YMCA membership, to reach their fitness goals as well. 

Lead Tutor: Emilie Haensel  
Location: Brookfield Seton YMCA   

Daniel is a student at the James Fowler Chinook Learning Center. He joined the Tutoring Table to get support with Math 30- 2 in the hope of becoming a teacher or a lawyer.  Daniel has faced adversity throughout his school career as a cancer diagnosis led to lots of appointments, surgeries, and treatments that took time away from schooling as well as memory struggles as a result from the treatments. Daniel requires lots of practice with repetition due to his memory issues. With tutor Cheena, Daniel has been able to practice questions with assistance and gain more independence in working through Math problems.

He enjoyed the tutoring support so much that he brought his sister along to the program with him so that she could have support with 10-C Math.  Without access to the YMCA Tutoring Table program, neither Daniel nor his sister would have been able to access paid tutoring.