We remove financial barriers so everyone can play

YMCA Calgary believes all Calgarians, of every age and income bracket, should have access to quality health, fitness and community programs.

YMCA Calgary provides financial assistance for those who wish to register for membership, programs, or camps, but are not able to afford the full registration fee.

Assistance is partly supported by donations raised through YMCA Calgary's Let's Raise Campaign. It is through the generosity of our donors that all Calgarians can participate in and benefit from a YMCA experience.

If you want to keep active and healthy, but do not have the financial means to pay membership or program fees, you can apply for financial assistance. YMCA Calgary can support you today and help you achieve a healthy tomorrow.


Apply for Financial Assistance

First, determine if you meet the criteria in Option 1 or 2:

Option 1: 
You are a verified recipient of:

  • AISH: Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped
  • Alberta Works: Alberta Health Benefit, Income Subsidy/Support
  • City Of Calgary Fee Assistance Card *Required for all individuals over 2.
  • Letter from a partnering organization

Option 2:
You qualify as a low-income family using the government’s Low Income Cut-Off Chart (LICO) as a guideline.

  • For this approval method, we require Notice of Assessments for all individuals over 18 in the household for the previous tax year.


Verified recipients have pre-approval for a YMCA Calgary membership. Please bring verification documents of any one of the benefits noted above to any YMCA location. You will receive information about how you can begin your YMCA membership at a reduced cost.

Not ready to apply yet?
Before you apply, you are welcome to participate in a YMCA tour to learn about our facilities, programs and services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The YMCA uses the government's Low Income Cut-Off Chart to determine your eligibility.

Your request could be denied if your financial information does not identify an inability to pay for the fees.

Please keep all information and fees discussed confidential and complete all payments. 

Everyone must pay some portion of the membership/program fee.

Approval periods typically last for 12 months. This can vary based on the option you have used for your application. By bringing verified documents to a YMCA Calgary facility, Member Services is able to help you determine your eligibility. 

Renewing your approval is easy! Just bring renew documents from your previous approval to Member Services and re-approval is a quick process. 


KidSport provides grants to kids from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs and experience the lifelong benefits of a season of sport. KidSport Calgary & Area provides grants of up to $500 per eligible child, per year (January 1st - December 31st) towards sport registration fees.

Apply for grants through the KidSport website and secure additional funding for programs with YMCA Calgary. 


Removing Financial Barriers. Sometimes, families need financial assistance to get their kids into a sport or physical activity. We’re committed to helping all families access a range of activities, from boxing to bowling and skating to skiing, and more.

Apply on the Canadian Tire website for subsidy funding for your programs with YMCA Calgary.