Community Impact

YMCA Calgary is a city-wide force for community building, and your donation makes a real impact on the communities we serve. We are proud to share impact stories of the lasting personal and social change that you help create.

Prioritizing Our Community 

YMCA Calgary has seven fundraising priorities that allow us to make an impact in our communities. Your gift goes right to work and supports members of your community, so no one is turned away.

  • Greatest Need: Allows us to use your gift to address what’s currently most pressing.
  • Child & Youth Subsidy: Ensures that no child is turned away from a Y experience
  • Adult Subsidy: Allows adults to access subsidized membership and program opportunities
  • Child & Youth Empowerment: Provides vulnerable children and youth the opportunity to participate in programs that support their academic success, community engagement, cultural awareness and connect with other peers and supportive adult role models right in the community where they live
  • Outdoor Camp Experiences: Provides kids the life-changing experience of attending outdoor camp
  • Endowment: Your gift keeps giving, year after year, generating revenue to sustain our programs
  • Global Initiatives: Supports our partners in the Ukraine and Bogotá to meet the needs of their communities

Philanthropic Reports

Learn more about the generosity of the community in YMCA Calgary’s Philanthropic Impact Reports.

2022 Philanthropic Report

2021 Donor Recognition List

Community Impact Stories

Life was going great for Kathy*. Her family was healthy, happy and weekly they spent quality family time at their local YMCA in Calgary. Her kids loved swimming, skating and rock climbing. Kathy even started to give back to the community and became a YMCA volunteer.

Everything changed when Kathy went through a challenging divorce and significant change in her financial situation. She had to start from scratch including going back to school and working part time. Kathy knew that she could no longer afford their YMCA memberships but knew that being connected and active at the YMCA was essential for helping her and her daughters get through a very stressful time. She never thought she would be in the situation where she needed financial support from the very place that she had purchased memberships and programs for years.
Kathy felt uneasy asking for financial assistance, but when she eventually decided to reach out to YMCA Calgary for financial support, Kathy and her two children were welcomed with open arms.

As she began to rebuild her life, the YMCA continued to provide a healthy and positive environment for Kathy and her children to belong, grow, thrive and lead… Kathy said their YMCA time is part of how they are thriving through this time of transition. “The YMCA is so much more than a gym- it’s a community. My Y membership has truly saved my mental health.”
* name changed for confidentiality.

Aidan was a 6-year-old boy whose ADHD affected his life in many ways including his time with his friends. He was scared to put his head underwater and often felt left behind while watching his friends’ swim. While searching for help for Aidan, his parents heard that donations to YMCA Calgary provided financial support to help families register their kids in YMCA programs. After qualifying for financial assistance, they were able to register Aidan in swimming lessons at YMCA Calgary. The staff took extra care to ensure their approach helped Aidan stay engaged and learning in the class.

2 months later and Aidan is now a confident little swimmer. His mother says, “not only will Aidan now put his head under water, but he does it like he has been doing it for years”. He has confidence in the pool and swims on his front, back and side across the length of the pool.

*Parent of financially supported 6-year-old with ADHD who was previously scared of the water

For over 15 years, YMCA Calgary has partnered with YMCA Ukraine to promote youth development opportunities and learn from one another, as we aspire to make our communities better for future generations.

Our partnership and support is steadfast, but has shifted in 2022 due to the war in Ukraine. We have joined the global YMCA movement in supporting the humanitarian needs of millions of Ukrainians that are in direct areas of conflict.
There are 20 YMCA associations still supporting local needs and operating on the ground in Ukraine. Additionally, there are 2 hubs in YMCA Lviv and YMCA Kropyvnytskyi that are receiving and distributing humanitarian aid supplies. As well, local YMCAs are offering activities for children and families, and mental health supports to attempt to ease people’s minds on the current realities in their communities and country and keep them connected to one another.

As of July 2022, with support from donors YMCA Calgary has raised a total of $90,283 to support YMCA Ukraine in their humanitarian efforts. This includes a combination of individual and corporate gifts as well as all donations made through the YMCA Ukraine wristband sales. 100% of all dollars raised for YMCA Ukraine is sent to YMCA Ukraine to support their humanitarian efforts.